Just 3 weeks to a marked improvement with the Acne Mineral Mask

Just a few words about my 16 year old daughter Aurelie’s case. She’s suffered with acne for almost 3 years. We’ve already tried many products, but they did nothing to help. I accidently came across the fangocur website while researching the problem, something I’ve spent a lot of time on. There weren’t so many testimonials to be found aside from those on the site itself, and that made it difficult to trust the product – that was my mistake. We didn’t have to wait long to see the positive results. The spots were less inflamed, less red and they seemed to be drying out quickly. Her skin looked more clear. The masks do tend to dry out the skin at the beginning, but this may be because my daughter was initially using another brand cream that may not have been providing the needed moisturising. We just received the acne skin cream two days ago and these “dried out” areas are already completely better. At the moment the spots still sometimes appear so we’re also starting an inner treatment with Bentomed. I can also write you in a bit to share our experience and further progress. I would also like to thank you for handling the orders so quickly. For inquiries, one need only wait a day or sometimes even less for an answer. I hope that this story encourages others to test the products – they’re worth it.

Aurelie Ollivier



Length of Treatment

3 weeks

Products Used

Acne Mineral Mask, Mineral Cream N°4

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