All-Purpose Cleaner 500ml + FREE SPRAY BOTTLE

Eco-friendly cleaning concentrate. Especially suitable for people with skin conditions.


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3.44  / 100 ml

This eco-friendly cleaning concentrate with pure and natural essential oils is extremely economical to use – a little goes a long way. It can be used on all smooth, polished surfaces.

Our All-Purpose Cleaner contains no artificial scents or colours, no preservatives and no petroleum-based alcohol. This cleaning product meets all standards for ecological friendliness:

– It contains only plant-based surfactants.
– It is completely biodegradable.
– It is very gentle to the skin.
– No genetic engineering was is used in its production.


A purely mild plant base delivers cleaning power that is still gentle on the skin. This cleaning product is especially suitable for people with skin conditions like dermatitis or psoriasis as well as those more sensitive skin in general. Quality essential oils, primarily orange oil, mean optimal cleaning power…and at the same time the odour improves the moods and emotional state.
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Weight 0.5 kg

The All-Purpose Cleaner is ideal for windows, mirrors, tabletops, floors and door surfaces.
The cleaner is delivered to you in a pump-top container, making it easy and economical to measure: you decide how much to used based on the type of cleaning. One pump is equal to 1ml of All-Purpose Cleaner.
For normal cleaning tasks, add 1ml to 3ml to a half litre of water.
When the cleaning at hand is more demanding you can add 5ml to 10ml to a half litre of water.
When filling a bucket for cleaning, add between 5ml and 10ml to 10 litres of water.
The All-Purpose Cleaner is so economical: one 0,5 litre container of All-Purpose cleaner can be used to fill the included spray bottle up to 200 times!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is highly concentrated and should not be used full strength! Increasing the concentration beyond the recommendations above does not enhance the cleaning power of the product – if the concentration is too high, excess foam results meaning that more water will have to be used to wash away the residue. Please consider the environment and try to avoid wasting water.

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